I’m havin a little of this before bed.


I have a ton of booze left over from the bar I had in my old house. Can’t let it go to waste. Had some 12 year old Glenfiddich before bed last night and slept like a baby.  Well I had a weird dream, but I still slept like a baby. What did I dream you ask? I dreamt that I met up with my ex-girlfriend for dinner. There were a bunch of people from one of my old jobs in the restaurant, but they were people I never liked so we ignored them. Other than the co-worker thing we had a nice time (we’re still friends). It was after dinner where it got a little weird. We were walking to our cars which for some reason meant climbing a ratty chain link fence and walking behind a dark building. When we got to our cars, she showed me a cigar she said one of her friends had given her. For some reason it was as big as my arm. At first I thought the circumstance was a little weird, because she doesn’t smoke, but then I told her about a friend of mine whose family owned a cigar shop (I really do know them). I told her how they got in trouble for selling things like Cuban cigars and had to shut their shop down (really happened). For some reason a baseball bat sized cigar seemed totally normal, so I showed her how to properly light it. Then we sat on the tailgate of my old truck, that I haven’t owned in fifteen years, and smoked it. HAHAHAHAHAHA


Seemed like the thing to do?