Let’s start this post off by saying Valentine’s Day can bite my big ass. I hate this holiday almost as much as Christmas. Talk about a fifty fifty celebration. For all the people who are in a relationship whether it be marriage or not, it’s all fun time and candy. For the rest of us who are doomed to be single to the end of time, its a time for the first group to feel sorry for the second group. I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. As far as I’m concerned this holiday was invented by candy and card companies, so they can sell more crap between the major holidays.

In other news: Two weird things happened to me this last week. One was sorta funny, and the other made me want to poke someone in the eye.

The first instance happened at school.

My final quarter will be starting in a few weeks, so I went to the advising department to make an appointment to see “The Man” about my future schedule. I was going to school this last fall in fuck offhopes at add a second degree by the time I graduated in the spring, but then the school committed two major screw-ups  that caused me to pack in all of those hopes of anything other than a Medical Assisting degree. They screwed up bad enough that the head of advising ended up giving me his personal card with a note that says I am only supposed to meet with him regarding anything academic from then on out. I’m now known as the catalyst, because their screw up ended up spilling out over three departments and made them all look really stupid. I now affectionately call this note my personal “fuck you” card. When I told the receptionist on Monday that I needed to make an appointment to see “The Man” she started to spout off the usual “we normally don’t…..” until I played the fuck you card. Half way through her sentence she began to read the message then said out loud that it was even signed by him. BAM! How do you like me now?! So now I have a private meeting this Monday where I will quietly sign up for the two classes I need a few days before everyone else.

The second instance happened at the Walmart pharmacy.

CDC battles flu virusI had just walked up to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. There was a person in front of me, so I stood in the waiting area behind the line. As I was standing there waiting for the person in front of me to stop talking to the woman at the register, some guy walked up almost beside me but to me back and let out an HUGE exhale. It wasn’t just a sigh, but one of those exhales like you just ran up a mountain and couldn’t get your breath. Normally I wouldn’t care, but this gust of lung wind blew right at the side of my face. I guess he does that all the time, because he didn’t say a word. I immediately looked him right in the eye, so he says “my bad”, and looks at something on the shelf next to him. Still glaring at the man, I asked him “Are you gonna make it?” He looked back at me all baffled like he didn’t remember blowing on me second before. I felt like sticking my finger in his eye for blowing his nasty lung air right in my face, but I decided to bite my tongue instead. Who do these friggin assholes think they are? I guess it’s totally OK to cough, gag, or spit in a stranger’s face as long as you’re in a Walmart. I should have grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and explained to him about how simple it was to transmit his sick germs by blowing in people’s faces. I’ve already had one nasty cold that took a month to get rid of. If I come down with some new kind of bird flu I swear I’m gonna go find that nasty bastard.