This weekend was pretty wild. A friend of mine invited me to his birthday party. He likes my YouTube channel and asked if we could film an episode or two in his garage. I said sure, and since we didn’t really nail down what we would be reviewing, and I just got a big shipment of edible bugs from Thailand, we ate some crunchy stuff.

The first to get chomped were armor tail scorpions which tasted exactly like sunflower seeds if you can believe that. We then feasted on an assortment of pupa which were not my favorite at all. Way too mealy. Next was the star of the show which was a can containing two big zebra tarantulas. I have a VERY strong stomach, so I crunched the bigger one down without hesitation. It really didn’t have any flavor at all. It tasted like a Cheese Puff without the cheesy flavor. We finished off our bug fest with Queen Weaver Ants, and small crickets. The weaver ants were sort of sweet and sour, and the crickets were flavored with salt and maybe lime. The crickets were the best tasting of all the bugs probably because they were flavored.

Once we wrapped everything up I dared the birthday boy to eat the remaining tarantula. He has a severe case of arachnophobia, and froze as soon as it touched his hand, but he did it. He popped the thing in his mouth and downed it like a boss. hahahahahaha

We conquered our fears this weekend. Some of our fears tasted better than others, but we still conquered them.

IMG_0648Mmmmmm furry

IMG_0650And crunchy…