I decided to try the new burger from Carl’s Jr. called the El Diablo thick burger. FINALLY! I tasted heat! Usually when fast food places advertise something that is supposed to be super hot it ends up having no flavor at all. I don’t get it? Do they think their customers are stupid? I guess they think we are too dumb to know a ghost pepper is hot. ANYWAY… back to this burger.

It had a different bun that looked like it came from a real bakery and not a factory if you can believe that. It comes in two forms which are 1/2 Lb and 1/3 Lb. It also contains pickled jalapenos, bacon, jalapeno poppers, pepper jack cheese, and a sauce that is supposed to be made with Habanero peppers although I didn’t taste any habanero heat. It did have a fist full of jalapeno peppers on it. There were enough to make me break out in a little sweat before I got half way through it.

Over all I liked it. I was surprised that it had a lot of flavor and actually packed a little heat. Hooray for Carl’s Jr.