I’m supposed to be in bed, but instead I’m here wasting time playing around with my computer. I can’t let this become a trend…..again. What did I do today? I cleaned. I threw a lot of things away, and got a lot more things ready to throw away. Tomorrow I will be throwing more things away. Hopefully by this weekend I will be crap free.

I also got in a argument on Facebook with a guy I went to high school. It was about the stupid county clerk that refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, because she said it was against her nutreligion despite the whole separation of church and state laws. I basically said that she was elected to her position, so if she can’t do her job, she needs to move on. I also thought it was disgusting how she was being treated like a rock star by a former Governor for standing up for her beliefs and thumbing her nose at the new equality laws. Everyone at the courthouse was cheering her on for defying the law.

This guy chimed in and said he sided with her because he wanted to stay on God’s good side. I tried to explain to him that if she was so against gay rights she was free to step down from her position. He kept coming back with the God’s law before man’s law, and how the nation was founded on God’s law.. yadda yadda yadda. I told him I didn’t care about that. I was talking about her not doing her job and wanting to still get paid for it?

I was about to pull the original post…….because I hate arguing with religious nuts. Their blinders are stuck on their head so tight you can’t talk to them about anything. Then I thought taking down the post would give him the illusion that he’d won something. After going round and round, he eventually understood why this irritated me so much. It was nothing to do with faith and everything to do with wanting to get paid for not fulfilling the duties of elected position. There was also WAY too much drama thanks to the asshole Governor who tried to turn it into a stunt to gain votes for his current run for President. My point was basically do your job, or step down and let someone else do it.

Now my head hurts.