mugIs it bad that I’m drinking a 2001 Cabernet from a coffee mug that is shaped like one of those blue recycle trash type bins? I felt like drinking wine and I actually had some in my stash. The closest thing I had to drink it out of was a trash can coffee mug. It still tastes delicious.

I guess I should write something since I haven’t written much in almost a year. I finished school! Hooray! I graduated and everything. Some friends of mine flew up from California to watch which was awesome! This year was the largest graduating class in the history of Clark College, so it took almost three hours to call off all 700 or so names. It was a loooong ceremony, and people started to leave before it was finished. I thought that was about as rude as you can get, but then again no one seems to give a shit about anything but themselves these days. I stayed the whole time. I figured if they student who were called at the end could sit and watch me walk then I could sit and watch them walk. I was one of three in my section of about fifty that waited until it was over.

Over the summer I completed a six week externship in a family practice office. I didn’t get hired when it was over which was a bummer, but I got some really good experience, and worked with some great doctors. Some of my classmates were asking me how I liked it? Asking like they’re not sure they made the right decision? I think they should have been doubting their career choice long before the program started, and not now. I loved the job. At this office I mostly dealt with elderly patients, but they were all really nice even though some of them were really sick. I know I made the right choice, because I am a hard core people person. I try to get along with everyone. I think that attitude is what makes me a great Medical Assistant.

Why am I not working right now? I am not working now, because in the State of Washington I need to be certified (CMA) before I can work anywhere. Technically I can, because I’m a new graduate. New graduates are allowed to work for a year without taking their certification exams BUT I had some issues with the school when I completed my program (go figure) which prevented me from doing so. Someone made a mistake and posted my grades as F’s instead of A’s like I really got, so I had to wait five weeks for them to pull their heads out of their asses and fix the issue. Why I received all F’s for the last quarter is a long story, but it is fixed now. So I am now officially a Medical Assistant. Now I am waiting to be contacted by the state to see when I want to sit for the exam. I am hoping the school mailed the papers LIKE THEY SAID THEY DID, so I can take the exam in either November or December. Once I pass and receive my certification I will be able to work anywhere in the US.

What have I been doing while all this has been happening? Studying. Working on my YouTube channel. Since January of this year I’ve picked up over a thousand subscribers and some of my movies are about to break 500,000 views. I’m finally making a little cash off of the channel. Well it’s almost enough to pay for the crap I eat in front of the camera. In case you were wondering…

“Here is where the link to my channel is supposed to be, but WordPress is being a little bitch right now, and refuses to let me post it.”

Yes that was shameless plug. Not much else is happening. I’m going to a friend’s Halloween party on the 31st dressed as a slutty version of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I even have a Toto in a basket.

Oh yea, and someone tried to break into my house a few weeks ago in the middle of the night. I bought a shotgun. It’s an early birthday present. Calm down! I also bought non-lethal shells for it. They won’t kill you; just make you wish you were dead. I pity the fool that tries to break my door down. Pew pew.

I love it when WordPress refuses to work! I’ve edited this post four times and none of the edits show up. Fuck you WordPress! I have wine!