I finally had a chance to check out the Eastern European deli that’s about two blocks from my house. It’s small, but they have LOADS of cool stuff. I picked up a few things including a bottle of something called Kvass. The women working there didn’t speak a lot of English, so they couldn’t explain it to me. They asked a customer to explain it to me, but he said it was hard to explain and said I should just experience it? Experience it?

The easiest way to explain Kvass is a tea made from Rye bread. Rye or black bread is soaked in water and fermented into a malty kinda drink. It tastes delicious! Before I tried some a Polish friend of mine said I should try a lot of them, because they all taste different. So I went back to the deli and bought a few more. The woman working the register was impressed that I was buying so much. I didn’t tell her it was for YouTube. It turns out I liked all of them. And it really is hard to explain. All I know is it’s magically delicious, and I can get it within walking distance from my house.

If you ever find yourself in an Eastern European market, check out the drink section, they’ll probably have at least six different kinds.