I need to get back in to the writing something every day mode even if my days start to sound the same every day. If I become a bore, don’t hold it against me.


I think the last time I wrote something it was right after I passed my CMA exams and got my certification. Well since then I had to renew my BLS (basic live saving) certification. It’s an easy class, but I found out that my new employer wants a different one. Tomorrow night I will take the class again. I’ve never heard of a CPR class on a Sunday night, but it’s the only one I could get on short notice. The same day I finished the first CPR class I decided to digitally threw a stack of my resumes as high as I could to see where they landed. I didn’t think I was going to get any responses, but I did. I got a call from two family medical offices in one of the larger medical groups in Portland.

I interviewed for both positions on the same day. That was a long day, because they were four hours apart. I found the parking garage at the main hospital where the second office was but as I was driving up to the entrance the sign said “clearance 6’4”? My Jeep is six feet five inches tall! As soon as I looked down from the sign, another car pulled in behind me. Instead of trying to make a million-point U-turn I decided to try to inch my way in. The warning chains lightly tapped on my roof rack, but I fit. I inched my way to the top floor and had some lunch.

Both interviews went great. The only deciding factor I had was the first building doesn’t have any employee parking. When I was there for my interview, one of the ladies said she parks on the street? The street the office is on is VERY busy. I like parking garages. As I was leaving the building where the second interview was my phone rang. It was the group I had just left. They said they liked all of the answers I gave then during the interview and wanted to offer me the position. They said I would have to wait for the official offer from the recruiter, but when that call came I found out both offices wanted me. She said to be fair I would have to wait until the provider I would be working for had a chance to meet me. He starts work the same time I had my second interview, so I didn’t get to meet him.

The second provider interview went great. The doctor just got his MD last year. When he walked in the room all I could think of was Doogie Howser even though he’s probably in his thirties. We both ended up having a lot in common, and he was eager to know which office I was going to choose. I told him about the parking, and he said he parks in the same garage. It’s only a block away and they were secure employee spaces. “Done!” I accepted that position later that day.

Since then I’ve been doing all of the background checks, legal paperwork, and so on. My first day is on the 21st of this month and I can’t wait.