I just want to start off by saying HOLY SHIT THIS WAS A HOT BURGER! I wanted to celebrate breaking 4000 subscribers to my YouTube channel and what better way to do that than melting my face off with a head sized burger that’s over loaded with smoking hot chilies. This thing had fresh, pickled, and Sautéed jalapeno peppers, fresh and sautéed Habanero peppers, ghost peppers, and a sauce made from blended Carolina Reaper chilies. The Carolina Reapers shut me down real fast. The top of my mouth, tongue, and lips went numb for a couple of hours after I left. I thought I could do it, but the ten minute limit for the challenge went by SO fast. I think if I had more time I could have finished it. I did take the rest home with me. I’ll eat it slowly over the next few days.

The Burger Bungalow crew was amazing! I love their burgers. When they were making my challenge burger the cook had to wear a respirator and goggles to protect him from the chili infused steam. Everyone else working there stays out of the kitchen to avoid the pepper stray level smells. My lips swelled up for a few hours after I left, but I’m glad I finally tried this challenge. It’s good to test your limits every once and a while. Now all I have to do is put some toilet paper in the freezer for tomorrow morning’s challenge…….

~ Enjoy