I know I haven’t written an actual blog entry in about two years, but I feel the need to vent.

What have I been doing?

Last year I graduated with an AAS in Medical Assisting. I got my certification in January. I got a bunch of interviews right away. It seemed as though the people I was interviewing for were practically falling all over themselves trying to get me to work in their office. I had two interviews in one building on the same day and both called me with offers as I was walking to my car.

I ended up taking a position working for a large medical group in Portland, Oregon. It was a family medicine office. Everything was cool at first, but after a while I got the feeling I didn’t fit in with my group. I thought everyone was great and I even got some good letters from patients saying what a great job I was doing. Well to make a long story short the position didn’t work out and I resigned. The managers seemed to be OK with my decision and agreed with my reasoning. I figured since it was so easy to find the first job I would wouldn’t have any trouble finding a new one. I wanted to work in Washington State “where I live”. Working across the border in Oregon adds extra taxes, a HORRIBLE commute, and things like that.

Well that was a BIG MISTAKE! It’s going on three months and of the 35 resumes sent out I’ve only got one response saying the position had already been filled, one interview that would require me to get a $1000 certificate before working there, and one other interview which so far hasn’t turned into anything. I’m starting to think that someone has painted a “DO NOT HIRE!” sign on my back. Now it seems like 80% of the job postings I am seeing are part time??!!?!!? The rest either have some stupid demand like 20 years of experience or speaking a dozen languages. I’m sort of giving up on healthcare and aiming for JOBS THAT PAY.  Any job! Today I applied for a position at the dump that involved pressure washing containers and trucks. It’s an outside job so hot in the summer and cold in the winter, BUT they offer OK pay and insurance. I guess I can be filthy for a living. All of the grocery stores within 50 miles pay minimum wage and only a few offer any kind of benefits. Over all it sucks!

Everyone keeps telling me how the right job will come by at the right time, but until that happens I’m running out of money. Can I still apply for a shit job with a bankruptcy under my belt? I’m so fuckin glad I gave up a lucrative career for something I thought I’d like doing…. Now I’ve been away from that line of work long enough that I couldn’t go back if I wanted to.

Talk about a day late and a dollar short. I’m coming up on fifty years old. This is not where I’m supposed to be. Right now I’m about a decline letter away from selling everything and just walkin on down the road. ontheroad