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A&W Root Beer Flavored Pop Tarts

Another blast from the past that you can still find at your local Walmart. These were 100x better than the nasty Orange Crush variety.

~ Enjoy



I reviewed these last summer, but for some reason I never published it? You can still buy these through and most Walmart stores. Still don’t like em…

Belching Beaver Beer!

Mmmmm belching beaver! They were both delicious even though I liked the imperial stout better. I got mine from BevMo up here in Washington, but you can buy it through their website if you wanna try it.

~ Enjoy

I filmed this sometime late last year, but never got around to posting it until now. They were pretty spicy(for a change). I liked them. If you want to try these little nuggets of goodness you’ll have a better time finding them on Everywhere else was selling them for as much as $50 (for a case).

~ enjoy