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XXtra Flamin Hot Cheetos!

I filmed this sometime late last year, but never got around to posting it until now. They were pretty spicy(for a change). I liked them. If you want to try these little nuggets of goodness you’ll have a better time finding them on Everywhere else was selling them for as much as $50 (for a case).

~ enjoy

Christmas Pate!

These two cans of delicious? pate were Christmas gifts from my brother’s family. The mushroom one tasted delicious, but the chicken one tasted like warm meaty toothpaste…. I plan on making a challenge sandwich with the chicken leftovers that “‘m pretty sure no one will attempt. Stay tuned….

These were given to me by a fan, and after reading the label, I wasn’t sure if they would actually pop like popcorn? They did! They were delicious too! Thank you Adam!


Banana Twinkie

One word…Nasty.

~ Enjoy


I tried surge for the first time in ages. Thank you Walmart….it tasted the same and came in the same unnatural color as before….

If you like it you can buy a pallet of the stuff at Walmart.

~ Enjoy

Bundaberg Ginger Beer FTW!

This stuff was delicious! Now I wanna try the rest of their drinks!

~ Enjoy


I didn’t have high hopes for these drinks, but I was wrong. They were different and in the world of soda, different can be good.


~ enjoy

Drink Fest 11 Burp!

FINALLY! The cold is almost gone. Almost caught up on sleep. Work is settling down. Time to post some reviews. We haven’t see a new drink fest in about a year or more, so let’s get our chug on. Some of these drinks were better than I thought they would be and some were down right horrible. My ears are still plugged from from being sick so that’s why I keep making weird faces as I’m reviewing. Plugged ears suck butt.

~ enjoy


I’m glad these tasted like good ole Oreos, because “Summer” flavor made my mind run wild. I had instant thoughts of sun tan lotion, flies, bug spray, that weird smelling sand that hangs out under the pier, but NO….They were just blue.

~ enjoy


Today is ma birthday, so I decided to post some stuff. I’ve been slacking on the posts but it’s due to having a new job. Now that the new job is settling down I’m gonna get back to regular posts.