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I seem to be getting more cranky as the day goes on….. I need to stop looking at Facebook. All it is is a cesspool of negativity. Right now pretty much everything can bite my big fat ass….

I’m drinking some Scotch then going to bed…



Friggin Brain!

I’m supposed to be taking a certification exam today. My alarm will be going off in 5 hours. I went to bed three hours ago? Why am I still awake? I wish my fucking brain had an on and off switch. At this rate it will be a miracle if I pass.



I ended up getting about an hour and a half sleep the night before I had to leave to take the exam. I ended up passing. I’m not sure how I pulled it off, because I was exhausted. The exam was pretty tough, but I think the build up to it was tougher. Now I’m an actual Certified Medical Assistant. Now I can get a job. Hooray!

Did anyone see the squadron of pigs fly over that day? It was glorious……



Not feeling safe in my own house? Not anymore. About a week ago we heard some loud pounding on the front door at 2:00am. We all got up. I told Mom to stay away from the front door while I got my flashlight and some protection. I tried to get a look outside the stupid window that’s right next to the front door, but of course I was blinded by the damn porch light. When I determined that no one was still there, I opened the door and took a look around. The street was quiet. No sound at all. If someone was playing games and running away I would have heard their footsteps. No biggie. I figured it was just kids playing games. I used to play doorbell ditch when I was a kid, so I can’t be too mad right?

Well a few days later I was walking in the front door and noticed there were four or five foot prints on the front door. That means whoever was at the door earlier wasn’t knocking. It looks like someone was trying to kick in the front door. That angers me. You hear of home invasions all the time up here in the friendly Pacific Northwest. People are being strong armed and all of their possessions are taken which usually includes any prescription drugs that may be in the medicine cabinet.

Now I actually stop and look at anything driving or walking past the house as a possible future intruder out looking for his next meal ticket. Now, for the first time in my life, I am keeping a loaded firearm alarmhandy instead of safely locked up. I’ve never had to do that before. It really pisses me off that I have to do this. We live in a pretty nice neighborhood, but there are still a lot of shitheads living close by. In the last few years the houses around me have had their cars broken into, gas stolen from cars, and our mail boxes have even been broken into. Did I mention this really pisses me off. I may be considered a loser for living with my elderly mother at my age, but I’m glad I was here last weekend.

Now tomorrow I will be buying a new mini blind for the window next to the door so no one can look in while we are not awake, AND so I can safely look out to see who might be pounding on my door if they decide to come back. Your average assholes, like the ones who pounded on my door in the middle of the night, are just out looking for an easy meal. That is not me. I’m going to be a real expensive meal once that door opens.

Why can’t people act like human beings instead of parasites.

Let Down

A vodka tonic without ice is like a party without balloons….




PSTD is a fucking bitch! I hate dealing with this shit. I don’t have it, but a LOT of my friends do. They offer their lives to serve their country, but when war leaves them mentally and physically broken, they are expected to just go back home to what they were doing before. Then when their thoughts start to get the best of them, the fucking government doesn’t do a damn thing. I guess when the last soldier commits suicide they won’t have to pay any more attention.


Sorry about the vent, but I just spent an hour talking to a friend who randomly threw out one of those “I wish I had the balls to blow my brains out” comments. When someone says something like that your blood goes cold. Especially when he lives on the other side of the country. I wish I was there looking him right in the eye. I wish I could tell him face to face that I have his back. I wish I could give him a hug and tell him it’s going to be OK. I wish I could tell him face to face that it WILL get better, but I can’t. He’s OK now, but he REALLY needs to get some help. I can’t make him. I can’t talk to his wife to tell her please hang in there long enough to get him some help.



The week in Review

Let’s start this post off by saying Valentine’s Day can bite my big ass. I hate this holiday almost as much as Christmas. Talk about a fifty fifty celebration. For all the people who are in a relationship whether it be marriage or not, it’s all fun time and candy. For the rest of us who are doomed to be single to the end of time, its a time for the first group to feel sorry for the second group. I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. As far as I’m concerned this holiday was invented by candy and card companies, so they can sell more crap between the major holidays.

In other news: Two weird things happened to me this last week. One was sorta funny, and the other made me want to poke someone in the eye.

The first instance happened at school.

My final quarter will be starting in a few weeks, so I went to the advising department to make an appointment to see “The Man” about my future schedule. I was going to school this last fall in fuck offhopes at add a second degree by the time I graduated in the spring, but then the school committed two major screw-ups  that caused me to pack in all of those hopes of anything other than a Medical Assisting degree. They screwed up bad enough that the head of advising ended up giving me his personal card with a note that says I am only supposed to meet with him regarding anything academic from then on out. I’m now known as the catalyst, because their screw up ended up spilling out over three departments and made them all look really stupid. I now affectionately call this note my personal “fuck you” card. When I told the receptionist on Monday that I needed to make an appointment to see “The Man” she started to spout off the usual “we normally don’t…..” until I played the fuck you card. Half way through her sentence she began to read the message then said out loud that it was even signed by him. BAM! How do you like me now?! So now I have a private meeting this Monday where I will quietly sign up for the two classes I need a few days before everyone else.

The second instance happened at the Walmart pharmacy.

CDC battles flu virusI had just walked up to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. There was a person in front of me, so I stood in the waiting area behind the line. As I was standing there waiting for the person in front of me to stop talking to the woman at the register, some guy walked up almost beside me but to me back and let out an HUGE exhale. It wasn’t just a sigh, but one of those exhales like you just ran up a mountain and couldn’t get your breath. Normally I wouldn’t care, but this gust of lung wind blew right at the side of my face. I guess he does that all the time, because he didn’t say a word. I immediately looked him right in the eye, so he says “my bad”, and looks at something on the shelf next to him. Still glaring at the man, I asked him “Are you gonna make it?” He looked back at me all baffled like he didn’t remember blowing on me second before. I felt like sticking my finger in his eye for blowing his nasty lung air right in my face, but I decided to bite my tongue instead. Who do these friggin assholes think they are? I guess it’s totally OK to cough, gag, or spit in a stranger’s face as long as you’re in a Walmart. I should have grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and explained to him about how simple it was to transmit his sick germs by blowing in people’s faces. I’ve already had one nasty cold that took a month to get rid of. If I come down with some new kind of bird flu I swear I’m gonna go find that nasty bastard.

Why? Hipster Why?

beard This post is going to be sort of a gripe, so get ready. I may offend a few of you, but this is my blog so get used to it.

I hate beards! There I said it. I can’t stand them. Ever since watching a drunken Dan Akroyd gnaw on a smoked salmon through his fake nasty Santa beard I’ve always been grossed out by over grown facial hair. Now, move me North from California to Southern Washington to a place that is within spitting distance from Portland and I am surrounded by beaded people. Not just the big scraggly wino beards, but the meticulously groomed “fancy” ones. The new thing up here is a greased up Pompadour-like hairdo,  neatly clopped beard, skinny jeans, beardstertight fitting flannel shirt, and new old looking and probably really expensive leather boots. Maybe even some heavy framed glasses. I call them metro lumberjacks. It’s the new thing. I guess the hipsters started watching Duck Dynasty, but couldn’t handle the hillbilly part, so they sexy’d it up a little. Why do I hate the “look” so much? Because there are hundreds of  these clones walking around showing off their sexy man wilderness look. They’re like Ugg boots. They are everywhere. Literally everywhere. knuckle beardI’m sorry. Shave you damn face. These guys look like prissy lumberjacks? What’s the deal. There are even three of these clones at my gym. I actually thought they were the same person until they were all in the same side of the gym? I don’t get it. I guess it’s the lumberjack version of the Madonna craze back in the 80’s. Let’s just hope the fad fades fast. Until then I will continue to throw up in my mouth every time I see some bearded wonder eat something.







Just stop already……

bearded wonder


You must be out of your damn mind!

angerWHY THE FUCK do Christians have to be so psychotic? Yes, Christians I am calling you out. Why Christians? Because the ones I am having real issues with right now consider themselves devout Christians.

I just sat down and talked to a family friend about my schooling. She is a VERY religious person. As soon as we get on the topic of drawing blood (I do that in school) she goes on a tirade about how the clinic I go to hires so many Asian doctors? When she says Asian, she crinkles her nose like she just smelled a fart? What the fuck does being white or non-white have to do with your job performance? I told her that my doctor was excellent and she just happens to have been born in China. I said I didn’t care where she was from, because 1. She is donating her time, so I’m glad she is helping me at all, and 2. She went to medical school in Southern California? Once I told her that, she comes back with “Well it’s just like the government, they say they do a lot of things. Who knows what goes on there?” Like for some strange reason my doctor forged all of her degrees, and certifications? I guess the Chinese are really good at forgery?

What the Fuck!? Who does this nutcase think she is? She sure as hell isn’t a doctor, so how in thee fuck does she know how my doctor became anything? These friggin people are driving me crazy. She then goes on and on about all the illegals in the US, and how most of them are Mexicans. All they do is take up all the jobs, and get everything for free. I asked her what we should do about it. She said we should deport all of them even the ones who came over the border to have kids.

Wait what!?

I didn’t know people from Mexico were coming over the border to spawn like salmon? I told her what we should do is come up with some kind or work visa that undocumented people could get that would allow them to keep working AND PAY TAXES. While they were working under one of these visas they could work on their citizenship process if they wanted to stay. That way they would be able to help pay their way just like everyone else. She didn’t like that idea. She still thinks they should be rounded up and shipped back over the border where they belong. I didn’t get a chance to ask her she thinks the Native Americans thought the same things about EVERYONE in the United States, because they are the only ones who can claim this land as their own. I wonder if they would like everyone in the US to just jump right back on the Mayflower and fuck off just like she wants the Mexicans to do.

This shit boggles my mind. THEN she has the balls to ask me to come to church sometime, because it would be nice to see me……yeah I’ll get right on that. In the mean time I have to go slam my head in a door.

You may be thinking that I may be over reacting to the thoughts of one crazy old lady, but you would be wrong. I had a run in with some asshat from a “Christian” church back in California. Back when prop 8 was on the ballots I got a call from some rube who attended the church around the corner from my house. He asked me if I was going to vote one way or another to which I told him it was none of his business. He wasn’t fazed by this and tells me “personally I’d wouldn’t mind seeing them (homosexuals) packed in a bus a run off the nearest cliff” then almost in the same breath he invited me to his church? I almost blew a gasket over the phone and told him I wouldn’t be caught dead in his piece of shit church then went off on him for being a shitty representative of the human race. He still wasn’t fazed, and told me he felt sorry for me, and hung up. I was so pissed I wanted to go to his little church that Sunday and tear him a new ass.

I’m sick of these fucking people pointing fingers and condemning everything around them. These two instances are a few of the hundreds I’ve dealt with this year alone. Who are they to judge? According to the Bible YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO JUDGE OTHERS LESTboom YOU BE JUDGED YOURSELF. I’m not judging these people, I’m just sick of hearing them attack everyone that’s different from them.

Am I anti-religion? No. Do I believe in a God? Probably. Will I ever set foot in a church full of ignorant bastards like this? No, probably not.

If I have offended anyone with this rant then tough shit. It is MY blog, so if you really don’t like it, you can go read some other random blog.

I need a drink……


How do you deal with a constant stream of bullshit?


Soup that’s how.


I’m off to get some right now….


rage21Things are NOT going good. I repeat things are NOT going good. I need to take up boxing, so I can wear myself out at the end of each day. Where is my memory? I forgot where I put it. I REALLY would like to have it back! Short term memory loss is SUPER fun! After a few months off I’m right back where I was. Why bother? This is getting real old. I need to quit doing everything like this damn blog. It’s one more thing I need to do every day even though I don’t write in it every day.